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Gordon Moore invested in Nanotronics because he believes the industry he helped to create needs a new generation of machines that can be used commercialize new materials and processes, in production, at scale. Gordon told our founder @matthewputman the first thing he bought at Intel was a microscope, and that is why we say "to build the future, you need to see it." Semiconductor companies can find margins in places other than driving down production costs and exponential increases in processing power. The other golden rule of the industry is Rock's Law -- the cost of a fabrication plant doubles every three years. Inspection and production systems that are the convergence of the best of modern technology: software, AI, machine learning, and robotics, can completely transform the industry and help the companies that have been the backbone of the economy for the last 50 years can regain margins of decade's past. Many of our customers have already begun to see that this is true.


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